Saturday, 18 February 2012


Hi everybody

I have been thinking hard, and have decided to stop this blog now, as I don't feel it is fair to talk about my children's lives so publicly.

I really do enjoy blogging though, and as I have recently become an Avon Representative, I thought I should write about this instead.

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Friday, 27 January 2012

My Darling Daughter

Ever since my gorgeous little girl was born, I knew that she was going to be hard work. She cried if I put her down, changed her nappy, got her out of her bath....anything I did, she cried.

I knew that this is what babies do but, I also knew that most babies didn't usually cry this much.

After about two weeks, she then began to cry even more. From about 18:00 - 3:00 in the morning there wasn't anything which my Husband and I could do to settle her.

Both my Husband and I decided that we needed to take her to see our GP, to see what the cause of this crying was, and he told us that she was lactose intolerant.

At least we had an answer and could now have a quiet and content baby, right? ......Well, kind of.

She would now settle a lot easier at night but, she would still be very tearful during the day.
If any of my family or friends would come around to visit, she would cry and cling to my legs in fear! She hated anyone else being near her apart from her Mummy & Daddy, which in a way was very flattering but, also I felt bad that nobody else could get close to her.

Once she reached nine months old, I decided to take her to a toddler group to try and help with her confidence and to socialise with some other children her own age. This however had the same result, of her clinging tightly to my legs and begging for me to pick her up and hold her. Occasionally she would play but, only if I sat down with her. The moment in which I tried to walk away from her, she would be screaming!

It was so frustrating but, I persevered for over a year, and the whole time Eloise was exactly the same.

Over time, Eloise started to talk, and she actually picked up the ability to speak very young. By 18 months she was beginning to string sentences together, which was such a blessing as she could now tell us what was frightening her. I then found out that what she was scared of, was.... everything!

If she heard next door close a door, she would scream and say "loud noise", if she heard a car drive past she would cry and say " car noisy", if she went outside she would cry and say "too sunny" when I put her socks on she would cry and say "socks twisted". The list was endless!

I had so many questions going around in my head, "why was my Daughter like this?", "was it something that we had done to make her like this?" "is there something wrong with her?" "will she always be like this?"

I then found something on the internet which was Eloise to a tee! -

The Highly Sensitive Child

There was a parents questionnaire on there - My child....

1) Startles easily
2) Complains about scratchy clothing, seams on socks or labels against her skin
3) Doesn't usually enjoy big surprises
4) Learns better from gentle correction than strong punishment
5) Seems to read my mind
6) Uses big words for his/her age
7) Notices the slightest unusual odor
8) Has a clever sense of humor
9) Seems very intuitive
10) Is hard to get to sleep after an exciting day
11) Doesn't do well with big changes
12) Wants to change clothes if wet or sandy
13) Asks lots of questions
14) Is a perfectionist
15) Notices the distress of others
16) Prefers quite play
17) Asks deep, thought-provoking questions
18) Is very sensitive to pain/light
19) Is bothered by noisy places
20) Notices subtleties
21) Considers if it is safe before climbing high
22) Performs best when strangers are not present
23) Feels things deeply

If thirteen or more are true, then your child is highly sensitive.

Well this whole list sums up Eloise's character, so I guess this answers my questions as to why she is like it. She was born like it, it's in her genes. I can't change her, I can only help her understand things so she isn't so scared all the time. And if she has anything new to do, I will give her lots of warning and explain to her exactly what is going to happen, before it happens.

I never raise my voice to Eloise, in fact I try not to ever tell her off. She responds so much better to praise when she is good, and I ignore her bad behaviour.

She has a reward chart which we use and when she reaches the top she can choose a small present.

Eloise recently went through a faze of not wanting to walk past the smoke alarm in case the light flashed, so I have had to explain to her why we have smoke alarms and why they have a flashing light. So she has now learnt to accept that they are safe and wont hurt her.

Since doing all of this, she has come on in leaps and bounds in her development, and is doing really well with me leaving her at pre-school.

The next thing which I really want to do is get some books for Eloise about feelings, as she becomes overwhelmed with anger and hurt sometimes, and I want her to know that all of these emotions and feelings are normal and not to be scared of them.

She is the most amazing little girl though, with a heart of pure gold who wouldn't hurt a fly! If she ever sees me deep in thought, she will come up to me and say "are you okay Mummy, do you need a cuddle?" If she can see that my back hurts she will come over and rub it better for me. There are not many three year old that would so that!

Her memory is astounding, and although she is a very quiet little girl, she is soaking everything up like a sponge. And will remember things that we did months ago, that even I had forgotten!

My Darling Daughter, you amaze me every day.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

My week that was...

I am linking up with Mummy Daddy & Me Makes Three my week that was linky again this week. Why not head down there yourself and join in.

This week was another lovely week with my gorgeous little family...

On Monday it was a relaxing day at home playing with the children and getting a bit of housework done.

Tuesday, Eloise goes to pre-school in the morning and then in the afternoon my friend came round to see us with two of her beautiful girls. She has three children but, one of them is now in primary school, so we don't get to see her much anymore. She is also pregnant with her fourth (She is braver than me!) which is due next month! I am so excited, and secretly hoping that she has boy this time as Bryce would love a little friend. :)

Wednesday is now a busy day for us, as Eloise goes to pre-school in the morning again, and I have found another toddler group which is on every Wednesday morning between 9:30-11:30, as I didn't like the one which I went to last week.
This toddler group is so much better! Loads of really friendly Mummy's & Daddy's, and lots of children around Bryce's age. I can't wait to go next week to find out if two of the ladies there have had there babies yet, as they were both due this week!
Two of the ladies live just around the corner from me, so it's nice to make friends with people so close by.

At 3:30 it is then time for Eloise's ballet class. She looks so gorgeous in her ballet dress and was good as gold, strutting around the hall. It's so nice to find something which she adores so much!

Also on Wednesday we had to take my little boy to hospital. He had been referred to see a pediatrician due to his foot turning out to the side when he walks. When being assessed, he noticed that he actually has one leg slightly longer then the other. To find out what is going on, Bryce had to have his lower body x-rayed. I really hope that everything is going to be okay and that, it can be corrected somehow with no surgery. Poor little thing. :(

On Thursday I was able to stay and help out at Eloise's other pre-school. I have wanted to sit in for a while now as I  had a feeling that this school was not up to scratch! The lady there who is Eloise's key worker told me that she has been working there for 19 years now and that she is bored and can't be bothered anymore! (Luckily she is due to retire in June)
When Eloise was there, she appeared completely spaced out and completely out of character. She didn't answer when the workers there spoke to her and when she chose what she wanted to do, she just sat at a table and painted without even thinking what she was doing. It was really heartbreaking to see to be honest, as she does so well at home, and achieves so much.
I was even told by her key worker that according to ofsted, they are supposed to go and play outside all year round but, they have decided that it's too messy for them to do this in the winter, so they stay indoors!

There is actually a whole list of things which I am not happy about, so I decided not to take her in on Friday and my Husband and I have arranged a meeting with the manager on Tuesday. Will be interesting to see what she has to say!

So Friday was keep my Daughter at home day! We all had so much fun playing with puzzles, painting pictures and drawing. Then when Bryce was put down for his afternoon nap, we had a "pamper day" where I tidied up her nails, put her moisturiser on her face, put her hair in bunches and dressed her up as a princess. She even got to have a bit of Mummy's lipstick on! She enjoyed it so much, bless her heart. She is such a girly girl and, I love having girly time with her. I love taking her shopping for clothes, she already knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't like, and also has a love for shoes!

Saturday was the first day my Husband had at home for nine days! So we spent the day relaxing at home watching films and having some quality family time.

Today, Sunday, we went to a nursery down the road from us which has a little mini farm. Bryce loved the horses! Maybe he will be a horse rider like I was when I was younger.
Once we had seen all the animals, we headed over to a nearby village which has a river, usually full of ducks and swans. Unfortunately today, they had.....nothing! Just a few seagulls circling overhead. We still had fun throwing stones and twigs into the water though.

As we were so cold, we warmed ourselves up with hot soup and bread and Bryce has even learnt how to dip his bread into his soup.

After lunch Eloise made a chinese new year card, as it is the year of the dragon this year, she had a cute little dragon to colour in.

We then played Kinect Adventures on the xbox which is so funny and exhausting! Its when I'm playing this when I realise how badly I need to get fit!

I am looking forward to more fun next week, I love being a stay at home Mummy! :)